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Published: 23rd May 2011
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HTC is a renowned name in phone industry. HTC this time introduces a new line of Android cell phone backup service. Some of its features are similar to Apple MobileMe. backup system comes with smart phones. offers a free backup service for your emails or text messages. It is a new exploration with enables to reveal new features of software and many declares it as, holistic experience with fun and delight. Some important features of backup services are, absolutely free of charge, Wireless backup, Call forwarding, Map locator, DLNA support, Time saver, Low booting time, Incoming call screen,Digital compass, Data storage, Phone locator, Various customized options.

It uses part of screen at the bottom of phone to show backup indication purpose, instead of an incoming call notification. It just takes no more than ten seconds to boot. It allows data storing facility for maps or for text. Digital compass allows rendering maps. Its unique features include sending or forwarding calls and a map free of charge. helps to locate lost or stolen phones in addition to cached map and digital encompassing. Every smart phone user can access backup site, where as IT professionals manage passwords and personal data.

HTC introduced a new sense experience in their backup system that enables security, control, manage, and backup of HTC phones. They implanted a series of dashboard related services for proper functioning. Its locating feature is very powerful and effective, it can ring a phone even when it is on silent mode, and this can help to locate stolen and lost phones. You can even find your phone location via internet. Remote lock feature is the only requirement for the owner in case of lost phone. As soon as the owner remote lock a backup system activated and achieve location. Back up system also enables people manage text, messages, and contact information and call history. These amazing features also facilitate multimedia files to upload, share, or browse contents. No doubt, is very helpful backup services for everyone.

The new backup services upbringing enhancement in multimedia capabilities by giving a bundle of options in creating and sharing their personal stuff with their friends. Even if you lost your cell phone, the new technology creates automatic backup even you have deleted it. You can lock up your phone's handset for sensitive information. Therefore all the sensitive information is safe always.

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