Skyhook wireless positioning system reviewed

Published: 23rd May 2011
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Skyhook wireless is one of the largest Location-Based Service (LBS) provider in US. It has a huge database comprise over 250 million WiFi hotspots surveyed by its drivers. The Skyhook wireless got a tremendous growth in 2008. From then until now it is a very popular wireless location service provider.

Various devices like iPhone or iPod touch can use location engine for their different application such as Goggle maps. Wireless location system provides you not just a place locator but also social networking services, device recovery or GeoTag. Skyhook wireless can be used with any mobile to make it a more powerful tool. It comprises many handy features, which make it popular among other location systems.

Skyhook wireless is one of the leading companies for location positioning and tracking, in addition to context. Your mobile device collects data from each location, then these data are forwarded to a location server and finally a single location determined.

Skyhook wireless WiFi positioning system (WPS) consists of three main components, Collect baseline data and ready to establish coverage, WiFi Reference and Cellular Database, and Periodic Rescan.

WPS location engine enables large area coverage including USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia. It can locate major metro areas worldwide. It easily and accurately determine device with in 10-20 meters. The data updated automatically by "automated self-healing network." All the survey data re-scanned time to time for reliability, performance, and accuracy.

Skyhook wireless WPS core engine collects raw data for fast and accurate results with the help of WiFi hotspots, or via GPS. It can locate various population areas, such as residential, urban, or suburban areas.

Supported platforms include iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows Mobile. Tag content helps to track accurate location. The Skyhook wireless WPS enables one to research locations accurately, in no time. WPS enables laptops, tablets, smart phone to connect with global world. It is a technology, which changed over all concepts. Seamless integration of WPS has the support to Geo-Tagging, integration with social networks, personal information management (PIM), navigation and many more.

Skyhook wireless WPS offers very accurate location results in "open sky" conditions, like rural areas and highways. But in cities and indoors, tall architectural structures and ceilings hinder GPS' view of satellites, leading to serious overall performance deficiencies, accuracy and availability. GPS or A-GPS alone can't provide fast location information in all environments.

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